What is Nokia VoIP SIP Client

Nokia VoIP SIP client enables customers to make free phone calls to other VoIPVoIP users or very cheap phone calls to anyone else in the world from your mobile phone. Nokia VoIP phones works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G.

Nokia SIP Phones

Nokia has long been a leader in Mobile VoIP technology. When you select Nokia SIP phones you are taking a big step forward in giving yourself the best that Internet telephony technology has to offer. With a wide selection of phone models to choose from, Nokia SIP phones with VoIP support will provide you with high sound quality and reliable performance.

Whether you choose a Nokia SIP phone that comes pre-loaded with VoIP software or a model that requires a simple software download, you will be on your way to enjoying crystal clear communications for a fraction of the cost.

Below you can find the current Nokia phones that support SIP.

Nokia E series phones with Nokia VoIP SIP Support

Nokia E51nokia-e51Nokia E52nokia-e52Nokia E55nokia-e55

Nokia E60nokia-e60Nokia E61nokia e61Nokia E61inokia e61i

Nokia E62nokia e62 Nokia E63nokia e63Nokia E65nokia e65

Nokia E66nokia e66Nokia E70nokia e70Nokia E71nokia e71

Nokia E75nokia e75Nokia E90nokia e90


Nokia N Series phones with Nokia VoIP SIP Support

Nokia N79Nokia N79Nokia N80nokia n80Nokia N80ienokia n80ieNokia N81nokia-n81Nokia N81-8GBnokia n81-8gbNokia N82nokia n82

Nokia N85Nokia N85Nokia N86Nokia N86Nokia N95nokia n95

Nokia N95-8GBnokia n95 8gb

Nokia XpressMusic phones with Nokia VoIP SIP Support

Nokia 5630 XpressMusicNokia 5630Nokia 5730 XpressMusicNokia 5730

Nokia Navigator phones VoIP Configuration guides

Nokia 6710 NavigatorNokia 6710


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